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Disability Insurance: 

What would happen to your family if you could not work due to illness or injury?

It is hard to think about what could happen to your family if your financial support was no longer there for them, but it is something that can happen.

Here are the facts:

1 in 3 working Americans will become disabled for 90 days or more BEFORE age 65. *

The average disability lasts 2 and a half years. *

More than 80% of working Americans don't have disability income insurance or they are not covered adequately.**

Did you know that your chance of being disabled during working years is 2 to 3 times greater than the chance of dying?*

What would your family do if your paychecks suddenly stopped because you are injured or ill and could not work any longer? Your monthly expenses would continue and possibly even increase due to the increased medical expenses, but your income would stop.  Do you think Social Security would protect you?  For most people, Social Security does not pay nearly what they were making before becoming disabled even if you could qualify to receive your Social Security benefits due to the disability. 

Disability Income Insurance will provide a greater portion of your pre - disability income to provide the monthly income to maintain your standard of living. You will retain your dignity and independence without burdening others and you can keep your financial dreams and goals in place.

Contact us to discuss ways you can protect your family from an unexpected illness or injury that could derail all of your financial hopes, dreams and plans.


*Commissioner's Individual Disability Table A

** National Underwriter Magazine, May 2001

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